OdessaCamp 2010 — баркемп в Одессе

международная конференция в формате баркемп

OdessaCamp 2010 — баркемп в Одессе Блогкемп в Одессе

Mark Kychma (@kychma): 5-минутный доклад из Лондона о коротких, прикольных и полезных URLах — Jingly URLs

Unlike conventional URL shorteners, Name.ly provides web addresses that read as slogans.

Nowadays people are converting their Internet links into omnipresent short uniform resource locators (URLs), a hype created by Twitter, a messaging system, which allows maximum 140 character entries. Good chances are that you have been clicking on bit.ly, j.mp, ow.ly… to name a few. Big online names followed the suit shortly. Amazon has acquired am.az, French Dialymotion bought dai.lyFacebook already ownsfb.meFlickr reduces links’ length via flic.krGoogle uses goo.glLinkedIn shortens to lnkd.inLiveJournal integrated shar.es,Posterous has post.lyWordPress went for wp.me, and YouTube is working with youtu.be.

Unlike all of the above URLs that deploy difficult to remember alphanumeric codes, Name.ly, a new social platform, provides web addresses that read as slogans or complete sentences. Name.ly went live in earlier 2010 with two headline jingles: Sincere.ly and ThatIs.Me. The platform also has dozen, if not hundreds, of other jingling names in the pipeline ready to be released as soon as the demand catches up.

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